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PreferenceViewHolder. A RecyclerView.ViewHolder class which caches views associated with the default Preference layouts. A ViewHolder describes an item view and metadata about its place within the RecyclerView. RecyclerView.Adapter implementations should subclass ViewHolder and add fields for caching potentially expensive View.findViewById (int). Android RecyclerView cache. Tenho um recyrcleview em maioria dos dispositivos funcionou bem, porém em alguns dispositivos na versão 7, ele da uma bugada, fica tipo com cache dos primeiros elementos

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  1. Classes. ManagedActivityResultLauncher. androidx.activity.contextaware. Overview. Interfaces. ContextAware. OnContextAvailableListener. Classes. ContextAwareHelper
  2. RecyclerView after receiving failure from ViewCache, ask Adapter to return ViewType for the position. After receiving ViewType, RecyclerView checks its RecyclerPool to see if cache of ViewHolder is present or not. If RecyclerPool Passes i.e. returns a ViewHolder, then RecyclerView takes that ViewHolder to the Adapter, and tries to bind new data to it
  3. RecyclerView는 이제 View.onScrollChanged(int l, int t, int oldl, int oldt)를 통해 스크롤 거리를 전달하여 접근성 서비스에 스크롤 변경사항을 정확히 알립니다. (aosp/1007823 참조) 버그 수정. RecyclerView 및 접근성과 관련된 주요 버그 stack overflow 버그를 수정했습니다. (aosp/1099577
  4. RecycledViewPool与Cache相比不同的是,从Cache里面移出的ViewHolder再存入RecycledViewPool之前ViewHolder的数据会被全部重置,相当于一个新的ViewHolder,而且Cache是根据position来获取ViewHolder,而RecycledViewPool是根据itemType获取的,如果没有重写getItemType()方法,itemType就是默认的

源码版本:Android 27.1.1. 二、一级缓存. 一级缓存包含三个容器实例:mAttachedScrap、mChangedScrap、mCachedViews。根据不同场景 ViewHolder 缓存到不同容器。 mAttachedScrap 保存依附于 RecyclerView 的 ViewHolder。包含移出屏幕但未从 RecyclerView 移除的 ViewHolder The ViewHolder in the mChangedScrap cache needs to call the onBindViewHolder method to rebind the data. 1.1.3 mCachedViews. When the mCachedViews cache slides, the ViewHolder that will be separated from the RecyclerView is cached according to the position or id of the child View, and the default is to store up to two

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Incorrect viewHolder object is cached while scrolling a RecyclerView I have a pretty complex RecyclerView, comprised of multiple viewTypes. One of those is ViewType.UNITS (an enum I made to represent each viewType). UNITS has data for 21 different views that needs to be shown. Everything works great when I scroll dow RecyclerView:キャッシュ(CachedViews)のサイズ. RecyclerViewのリサイクル動作で使われるキャッシュは、サイズを大きくすれば多くのViewHolderが保持できます。. その分、多くのメモリを消費します。. ViewHolderを多く保持できたとしても、サイクル動作で効率よく使われなければ、メモリの浪費です。. キャッシュのサイズはRecyclerViewの使われ方よって適切なサイズがあります.

一、Recyclerview的缓存类 RecycleView的四级缓存是由三个类共同作用完成的,Recycler、RecycledViewPool和ViewCacheExtension。Recycler用于管理已经废弃或者与RecyclerView分离的ViewHolder,这里面有两个重要的成员,为可以看见的屏幕的内部缓存成员mAttachedScrap、mChangedScrap和滑出.. RecyclerView.Adapter 에는 getActivity () 메소드가 없습니다. 따라서 코드가 컴파일되지 않습니다. FragmentTransaction 내에서 RecyclerView.Adapter 를 실행하려는 것 같습니다. 그러나 getSupportFragmentManager () 를 호출하려면 FragmentActivity 가 연결된 RecyclerView 를 호스팅하는 CategoryAdapter 가 필요합니다. 그러나 RecyclerView.Adapter 는 해당 FragmentActivity 에 직접 또는 간접적으로 액세스 할 수 없습니다

RecycledViewPool:. RecycledViewPool类是用来缓存Item用,是一个ViewHolder的缓存池,如果多个RecyclerView之间用 setRecycledViewPool (RecycledViewPool) 设置同一个RecycledViewPool,他们就可以共享Item。. 其实RecycledViewPool的内部维护了一个Map,里面以不同的viewType为Key存储了各自对应的ViewHolder集合。. 可以通过提供的方法来修改内部缓存的Viewholder。 androidx.recyclerview.widget.RecyclerView.State. Contains useful information about the current RecyclerView state like target scroll position or view focus. State object can also keep arbitrary data, identified by resource ids. Often times, RecyclerView components will need to pass information between each other 이번 포스팅에서는 Android 앱에서 가장 많이 사용한다고 볼 수 있는 RecyclerView 의 성능 개선에 대해서 알아보자. 하지만 먼저 알아야할 도구가 있다. 바로 GPU 렌더링 막대기. 개발자 옵션 -> 프로필 GPU 렌더링 에서 킬 수 있는 이 기능은 기기의 렌더링 상황을. RecyclerView uses the Adapter class to bind the data that you want to display to the corresponding Views. Unlike ListView, ViewHolder is mandatory in RecyclerView. ViewHolder stores some meta information about the position of the view in the RecyclerView. ViewHolder should be used to cache findViewById of child views. LayoutManager.

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Android架构师之深入理解RecyclerView复用和缓存机制详解. RecyclerView滑动时会触发onTouchEvent#onMove,回收及复用ViewHolder在这里就会开始。我们知道设置RecyclerView时需要设置LayoutManager,LayoutManager负责RecyclerView的布局,包含对ItemView的获取与复用 Android中的RecyclerView詳解 RecyclerView · 發表 2019-04-17 17:49:51 摘要: RecyclerView是什麼 官方解釋如下:A flexible view for providing a limited window into a large data set Android L新控件RecyclerView简介. RecyclerView和CardView简介. 这里对RecyclerView的基本使用方式,就不再赘述,只讨论RecyclerView中的ViewHolder的缓存机制。 35 private static int COUNT_CACHE_VIEW_2 = 0; 36 private static int COUNT_CACHE_VIEW_3 = 0;.

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android.support.v7.widget.RecyclerView : Known Direct Subclasses A view previously used to display data for a specific adapter position may be placed in a cache for later reuse to display the same type of data again later. 一个Listener接口,可以连接到RecylcerView以在ViewHolder连接到RecyclerView或从RecyclerView. Quelle est l'utilisation de ViewHolder dans RecyclerView Android ? Un ViewHolder décrit une vue d'élément et des métadonnées sur sa place dans le RecyclerView. RecyclerView. Les implémentations d'adaptateur doivent sous-classer ViewHolder et ajouter des champs pour la mise en cache de View potentiellement coûteux

Android RecyclerView 绘制流程及Recycler缓存_帅次的博客 1 人参与 2021年09月03日 11:03 分类 : 《关注互联网》 评 RecyclerView after receiving failure from ViewCache, ask Adapter to return ViewType for the position. After receiving ViewType, RecyclerView checks its RecyclerPool to see if the cache of ViewHolder is present or not. If RecyclerPool Passes i.e. returns a ViewHolder, then RecyclerView takes that ViewHolder to the Adapter, and tries to bind new. Anatomy of RecyclerView: a Search for a ViewHolder (continued). We continue our discussion of the way RecyclerView searches for a View at given position, which was started here

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[안드로이드] RecyclerView가 뭐예요? 10 MAR 2021 • 16 mins read 참고 자료. Android Developer 도큐먼트 - RecyclerView로 목록 뷰 구현하기. Stack Overflow - RecyclerView와 ListView의 차이점. Android Developer 유튜브 채널 - RecyclerView ins and outs Google I/O 201 각각의 아이템이 화면에 보이는 과정에서 뷰홀더(ViewHolder)를 이용해 메모리를 덜 사용하도록 캐시 메커니즘이 구현되어 있다. RecyclerView는 롤리팝(5.0) 버전부터 안드로이드 SDK에 포함되었기 때문에 지금은 상당히 많은 앱들에서 RecyclerView가 사용되고 있다

RecyclerView is one of those Widgets that you will use over and over again while developing Android Apps. So, knowing little tricks to optimise the performance of this monster in tiny ways is not. ViewHolder > {private String [] mDataSet; private OnRVItemClickListener mListener; /** * Provide a reference to the type of views that you are using (custom ViewHolder) */ public static class ViewHolder extends RecyclerView. ViewHolder {private final TextView textView; public ViewHolder (View v) {super (v); // Define click listener for the. Android RecyclerView 原理解析一.模块分析1.列表控件2.LayoutManager3.Recycler回收机制二.View布局流程分析1.LinearLayoutManager的onLayoutChildren()方法2.fill()方法3.recycleByLayoutState()4.layoutChunk()三.滚动时view的展示与复用1.拖动滚动2.Fling滚动3..

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最近研究应用流畅度专题时,发现RecyclerView里边的坑真多,有很多可以优化的点,在理解优化点之前,最好对RecyclerView的缓存机制有一些了解,比如得知道CacheView和RecycledViewPool的区别和联系,RecyclerView的绘制流程有一定了解,再来谈RecyclerView的性能提升 【Android进阶】RecyclerView之ItemDecoration(一) 【Android进阶】RecyclerView之缓存(二) 【Android进阶】RecyclerView之绘制流程(三) 问题. 假如有100个item,首屏最多展示2个半(一屏同时最多展示4个),RecyclerView 滑动时,会创建多少个viewholder? 先别急着回答,我们写个.

Why RecyclerView? Android has a limit of heap memory. So when we insert many videos or images in youer app, I'm sure Out of Memory(OOM) happens. We can handle this issue by using a RecyclerView RecyclerView is similar to ListView, but it is more smart about heap memory RecyclerView缓存机制1. RecyclerView缓存机制与性能优化关系RecyclerView要做性能优化要说复杂也复杂,比如说布局优化,缓存,预加载等等。其优化的点很多,在这些看似独立的点之间,其实存在一个枢纽:Adapter。因为所有的ViewHolder的创建和内容的绑定都需要经过Adaper的两个函数onCreateViewHolder和onBindViewHol..

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  1. ViewHolder >() {// Provide a direct reference to each of the views within a data item // Used to cache the views within the item layout for fast access inner class ViewHolder (itemView: View): RecyclerView. ViewHolder (itemView) {// Your holder should contain and initialize a member variable // for any view that will be set as you render a row.
  2. When building an Android app, It is a subclass of RecyclerView.ViewHolder class. All the items here have their own instance of ViewHolder and the ViewHolder here is helpful for caching the specific item's view. So, how recycling works here? Let us break this down in steps. Step 01
  3. What makes RecyclerView magical is its ability to handle the Views inside it. RecyclerView handles a View by marking it either recycled or scraped. A recycled view is the view that has already been inflated and can be put in the cache for later reuse with or without new data binding
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We load image from url into ImageView by using the code. Picasso.with (context).load (android_versions.get (i).getAndroid_image_url ()).resize ( 120, 60 ).into (viewHolder.img_android); This single line of code simplifies all your complex tasks. The img_android is the ImageView object. The resize () method re sizes the image obtained to. The RecyclerView.ViewHolderdescribes an item view and metadata about its place within the RecyclerView. Also it is responsible for caching potentially expensive View.findViewById(int) call results. In combination with the same synthetic properties that provide access to layout specific views of activities and fragments, this is basically the purpose of the Kotlin Android Extensions. Optimisations. Covert notifies the RecyclerView that the current ViewHolder has changed for each frame it draws. If the layout your using is complicated, this can sometimes drop frames and cause weird behaviour. To work around this, Covert triggers invalidations using a payload, which you can look for to skip a full rebind of your ViewHolder RecyclerView requires an explicit layout manager to manage the arrangement of list items contained within it. This layout could be vertical, horizontal, or a grid. An adapter that subclasses RecyclerView. Adapter and connects your data to the RecyclerView. It prepares the data in a RecyclerView. ViewHolder. A ViewHolder. A RecyclerView

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  1. RecyclerView 复用、回收. 滚动屏幕时,列表先执行 复用流程、再执行回收流程. 复用流程:2级缓存 mCachedViews 取 > 1级缓存 RecycledViewPool 取 > Adapter.onCreateViewHolder () 回收流程:遍历移除屏幕的 View,从 View的 LayoutParams 中取出 ViewHolder,塞入 2级缓存 mCachedViews. 如果.
  2. Android RecyclerView StaggeredGridLayoutManager Example - ThumbnailActivity.kt. Clone via HTTPS Clone with Git or checkout with SVN using the repository's web address
  3. 总结一下RecyclerView 的三级缓存. 一级缓存: mChangedScrap RecyclerView中需要改变的Viewholder mAttachedScrap 还没有和RecyclerView分离的ViewHolder mCachedViews RecyclerView的ViewHolder的缓存. 二级缓存 mViewCacheExtension 提供给开发者自己创建的缓存. 三级缓存 mRecyclerPool 缓存池----一种.
  4. RecyclerView Optimization - Scrolling Performance Improvement. In this blog, we are going to learn how to optimize the RecyclerView performance in Android. With these optimizations, we can make the RecyclerView scrolling smooth. When we implement RecyclerView in our Android Application, sometimes, we face problems like: The RecyclerView items.
  5. 最近学习了一下RecyclerView 缓存机制的缓存机制,为了防止忘了,记录下相关的知识点。 接下来看下这四级缓存是怎么工作的,如何复用ItemView。下面直接看源码 当从上面的缓存找不到的时候,就会在RecycledViewPool中寻找,里面使用了来存放对应viewt
  6. RecyclerView requires at least two helper classes to be set-up for basic standard implementation viz: Adapter and ViewHolder.Adapter inflates item layouts and binds data to views that are displayed within a RecyclerView. ViewHolder looks up and stores view references. The view holder also helps with detecting item-view clicks. Here is a basic example of Adapter Clas

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[Android] JVM의 스택 기반 모델 vs DVM의 레지스터 기반 모델 (0) 2020.03.24 [Android] RecyclerView에서 Kotlin Android Extension, 제대로 알고 사용하자! (0) 2020.03.24 [Android] RecyclerView로 리스트 보여주기 (0) 2019.09.1 A RecyclerView.Adapter is purpose-built to require your ViewHolder class to describe the contents of these cached views. Unlike an old-school ArrayAdapter, it doesn't whip up new copies of the same views every time the user scrolls the list RecyclerView缓存RecyclerView.ViewHolder,抽象可理解为: View + ViewHolder(避免每次createView时调用findViewById) + flag(标识状态); 2). 导语 RecyclerView是Android 5.0提出的新UI控件,可以用来代替传统的ListView。 Bugly之前也发过一篇相关文章,讲解了 Recy.. Video List by RecyclerView made simple. Auto play/pause supported with smart caching last playing position. - GitHub - qimingnana/Toro: Video List by RecyclerView made simple. Auto play/pause supported with smart caching last playing position

RecyclerView is better version of ListView. Adaper: bind data from data source, and provide the RecyclerView with new views when needed. Adapter uses a ViewHolder to send views to RecyclerView. — each findViewById wil be only called once, and cached in the ViewHolder. And the RecyclerView uses a LayoutManager to manage the appearance of the. Criei um exemplo de RecyclerView com base no guia Criação de listas e cartões.Meu adaptador tem uma implementação de padrão apenas para aumentar o layout. O problema é o baixo desempenho de rolagem. Isso em um RecycleView com apenas 8 itens. Em alguns testes verifiquei que no Android L esse problema não ocorre

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android android-5.0-lollipop android-recyclerview android-viewholder. The RecyclerView. ViewHolder class has a field that is public final View itemView . It says that the onBindViewHolder method should update the contents of the itemView to reflect the item at the given position The RecyclerView is a flexible view for providing a limited window into a large data set. Before using the RecyclerView you have to add the support library dependency in the build.gradle file: dependencies { // Match the version of your support library dependency compile 'com.android.support:recyclerview-v7:25.3.1' [Android] Glide 를 View): RecyclerView. ViewHolder (itemView) {val image: ImageView = itemView. findViewById (R. id. image) 즉 cache를 이용하는 것이다. cache 자체는 직접 구현할수도 있지만 더 좋은 것은 라이브러리를 사용하는 것이다. 그 라이브러리는 바로 Glide다 코틀린 안드로이드 익스텐션(이하 '안드로이드 익스텐션')은 코틀린으로 안드로이드 앱을 개발하는 분들에게 매우 유용한 플러그인입니다. 하지만, 이를 리사이클러뷰(RecyclerView)의 뷰홀더(ViewHolder)에 사용할 주의하지 않으면 자칫 애플리케이션의 성능을 저하시킬 수 있습니다

概述RecyclerView 作为替代 ListView 的组件,得益于 RecyclerView 的灵活性和可定制程度高的特性,除此之外 RecyclerView 的预取机制以及缓存机制也是一大亮点。 发表于 2021-03-02 更新于 2021-05-14 分类于 Android 获取ViewHolder(从Scrap或者Cache中) holder. To use the RecyclerView integration library, add a dependency on it in your build.gradle file: compile (com.github.bumptech.glide:recyclerview-integration:4.11.0) { // Excludes the support library because it's already included by Glide. transitive = false } If you haven't already, you will also need to make sure that you already have a. RecyclerViewDSL is a DSL Library for Android RecyclerView - GitHub which could break the RecyclerView's Cache * * 一般来讲,我们把ItemController放在Item的伴生对象里面,不要在这里 RecyclerView.ViewHolder(itemView) } /* * * ItemController is necessary , it is often placed in the Item's. RecyclerView.ViewHolder: It is mandatory to use with recyclerView and helps us to draw the UI for individual items that we want to draw on the screen. Let's understand all these through an example

What I'd really like to see is an OnClick event for RecyclerView which returns the ViewHolder clicked. This way, you have access to the view, as well as to the data, without having to do extra wrapping (like sticking the data into the view tag) and it allows you to have a single centralized static callback for all of your views (which cuts down on the number of objects created) 在RecyclerView重新布局的时候(不包括RecyclerView初始的那次布局,因为初始化的时候屏幕上本来并没有任何View),先调用detachAndScrapAttachedViews()将所有当前屏幕上正在显示的View以ViewHolder为单位标记并记录在列表中,在之后的fill()填充屏幕过程中,会优先从Scrap列表里面寻找对应的ViewHolder填充 Các kỹ thuật sử dụng ViewHolder trong Android trong RecyclerView. Đây chính điểm khác biệt so với Listview/Gridview khi ViewHolder là thành phần bắt buộc phải có trong Adapter. Kỹ thuật Cache View trong Adapter (ViewHolder trong Android Graywater: an android library for performant lists. Graywater is a RecyclerView adapter that facilitates the performant decomposition of complex and varied list items. It does this by mapping large data models to multiple viewholders, splitting the work needed to create a complex list item over multiple frames. The concept is based off of Facebook's post on a faster news feed and Components.

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  1. A ViewHolder describes an item view and metadata about its place within the RecyclerView. RecyclerView. Adapter implementations should subclass ViewHolder and add fields for caching potentially expensive findViewById(int) results
  2. RecyclerView.ViewHolder. The ViewHolder is an abstract class that we also extend from RecyclerView. The ViewHolder provides us with common methods to help us reference a View we have placed on the RecyclerView even after the Recycling machinery in the RecyclerView has changed various references we don't know about. Large List
  3. Viewholder android. RecyclerView.ViewHolder, A ViewHolder describes an item view and metadata about its place within the RecyclerView. Adapter implementations should subclass ViewHolder and add ViewHolder design pattern is used to speed up rendering of your ListView - actually to make it work smoothly, findViewById is quite expensive (it does DOM parsing) when used each time a list item is.
  4. #RecyclerView and LayoutManagers # Adding header view to recyclerview with gridlayout manager To add a header to a recyclerview with a gridlayout, first the adapter needs to be told that the header view is the first position - rather than the standard cell used for the content. Next, the layout manager must be told that the first position should have a span equal to the *span count of the.
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android:id = @+id/recyclerview android:layout_width = match class WordViewHolder extends RecyclerView.ViewHolder { private final TextView 하는 observer를 추가합니다. 데이터가 변경 될 때마다 onChanged() 함수가 실행되며, adapter의 캐시데이터를 업데이트 하기. With the advent of Android Lollipop, the RecyclerView made its way officially. The RecyclerView is much more powerful, flexible and a major enhancement over ListView.I will try to give you a detailed insight into it. 1) ViewHolder Pattern. In a ListView, it was recommended to use the ViewHolder pattern but it was never a compulsion 分别是SPARSE_ARRAY HASH_MAP NO_CACHE 默认为HASH_MAP. 作者刚开始在ViewHolder中使用时,直接holder.itemView.id,这样也可以使用,但是直接使用的findViewById,没有缓存处理 所以当时也没有深入研究,就先使用之前封装好的ViewHolder. 现在记录下如何在ViewHolder中带缓存使用kotlin这. Android RecyclerView cannot find symbol variable My problem is that I am writing a program which contains 2 RecyclerViews in 2 different activities. The first one worked like a charm When working with RecyclerViews in our Android project, we display a list with a lot of items in it. Sometimes we have use-case like fetching a contact list from the phone and displaying it on the list. Loading a lot of data at once in a list is not a very efficient task to do

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RecyclerView¶. The RecyclerView class is a more advanced and flexible version of ListView. It's a container for displaying large, scrollable data sets efficiently by maintaining a limited number of View items. RecyclerView or ListView. Use RecyclerView when you need to display a large amount of scrollable data, or data collections whose elements change at runtime based on user action or. Android Recycler Swipe Animation 리사이클러뷰에서 스와이프해서 리스트를 지우는 형태의 Custom View를 비교적 자주 사용하기에 간편하게 사용 할 수 있도록 라이브러리를 만들었습니다. 라이브러리 적용 방법 프로젝트단의 build.gradle 앱단의 build.gradle Kotlin 코드 적용. RecyclerView拥有三级缓存 (算上mAdapter.createViewHolder的话其实就有四级了),我们先看下各个缓存变量的用处。. 之后会分析RecyclerView是如何使用这些缓存的。. 变量. 作用. mAttachedScrap. 未与RecyclerView分离的ViewHolder列表 (即一级缓存) mChangedScrap. RecyclerView中需要改变的.

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  1. Questions: I am loading 400×200 images in RecyclerView, but scrolling is laggy on 2k devices. I am using Picasso for loading images from resource. As you can see in the demo images are blurry on 2k screen, but if I load higher resolution images the situation gets worse. How to fix this, I am not.
  2. RecyclerView идет в Cache, если элемент валидный Еще один способ умереть ViewHolder'у. RecyclerView обращается к Recycled Pool: Paging Library - Решение от Google в рамках Android Architecture Components
  3. RecyclerView的缓存机制. Scrap: 在屏幕内可视的Item。. Cache: 在屏幕外的Item ViewCacheExtension : 用户自定义的缓存策略 RecycledViewPool : 被废弃的itemview,脏数据,需要重新onBindViewHolder. 在屏幕上的. 这里需要注意的是这个Cache,它虽然是缓存,但是它缓存效果和Scarp效果是一样.
  4. Android SDK doesn't includes the RecyclerView class. You need to add the following support library graddle dependency to project build.graddle file. compile 'com.android.support:recyclerview-v7:24..0' This guide explains how to use and customize RecyclerView in Android applications. 2. RecyclerView Exampl
android - Caching viewholders with image into RecyclerViewAndroid Pagination: Using APIs with Retrofit and GsonCommon Design Patterns for Android with Kotlin

Avec l'avènement d'Android Lollipop, le RecyclerView a fait son chemin officiellement. Le RecyclerView est beaucoup plus puissant, flexible et constitue une amélioration majeure par rapport à ListView.Je vais essayer de vous en donner un aperçu détaillé. 1) Modèle ViewHolder. Dans un ListView, il était recommandé d'utiliser le modèle ViewHolder mais ce n'était jamais une contrainte RecyclerView is the best approach to show scrolling lists on Android. It ensures high performance & smooth scrolling, while providing list elements with flexible layouts. Combined with modern language features of Kotlin, the code overhead of the RecyclerView is greatly reduced compared to the traditional Java approach.. Updated on December 15th, 2020: the solution projects on GitHub have been. android sdk recyclerview Code Answer's. recycler view dependency . whatever by Silly Swiftlet on May 25 2020 Donate . 3 Android recycleView . java by Android Rookie on Mar 31 2020 Donate . 1. import android.view.LayoutInflater import android.view.View import android.view.ViewGroup import android.support.v7.widget.RecyclerView import rx.subjects.PublishSubject public class SampleAdapter(private val items: Array<String>) : RecyclerView.Adapter<SampleAdapter.ViewHolder>() { // change to different subjects from rx.subjects to get different behavior // BehaviorSubject for example allows. Android从源码分析RecyclerView四级缓存复用机制一(缓存ViewHolder) RecyclerView相比较ListView先说多了多布局和缓存,目前已经在Android列表中大量普及使用,面试中也经常问到,所以对于RecyclerView的四级缓存机制也叫复用回收机制的分析很有必要(这部分很重要请@全村人来听) Quelle est l'utilisation de ViewHolder dans Android ? Un ViewHolder décrit une vue d'élément et des métadonnées sur sa place dans le RecyclerView. RecyclerView. Les implémentations d'adaptateur doivent sous-classer ViewHolder et ajouter des champs pour la mise en cache de View potentiellement coûteux. findViewById(int) résultats